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Buying a complete machine assembly is often a decision that is hard to make. To combat this problem TEK5-USA offers demos and production runs. By doing this we are able to fully demonstrate the practicality and versatility of our machines. In addition, by offering large and small production runs we are able to meet the needs of a broader range of customers. Learn more about the services TEK5-USA has to offer by contacting us today.


Demos on our 4gS FHD six axis machine are available for feasibility and timeline establishment.

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In an effort to make EDM drilling technology available to a broader customer base, TEK5-USA offers customers the option of letting us do the work for you.

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Custom Machines

TEK5-USA is committed to providing the best possible solutions for our customers’ manufacturing needs. In order to maintain this commitment we offer the option of individually customizing our production machines.

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