5g FHD-5 6 Axis EDM System

EDM Drill 3D Shaped Holes in Aerospace Turbine Blades and Components!

Our 6-Axis fast hole EDM Drilling Machines provide precision 3D shaped hole burning capabilities, ideally suited for machining aerospace turbine components. This compact, user friendly machine offers a flexible, cost effective solution to your Aerospace manufacturing needs. Unlike 5 Axis
EDMs, the 6th axis on this machine gives operators the ability to customize the shape of the hole by using a CAD/CAM program. The design of our machine allows for paint to paint positioning on your floor, while maintaining easy access for service and maintenance, as access to all panels is from the front or back of the machine. A robust, custom tilt turn table with a stainless steel manual Erowa chuck allows for quick change over of part holding fixtures. The rotary axis are configured to allow the work piece to be centered on both axis, reducing the distance traveled on the linear axis and increasing machine capacity and efficiency. The 5g Tech-Pulse EDM Generator can store up to 500 process parameter programs, with the ability to adjust the process
parameter up to four times during the drilling of a single hole. A key feature
of the Tech-Pulse Generator is its process analysis capability. The process is graphed showing a depth against time thumbprint, which allows the operators to easily develop new process parameters as necessary.

Fast Hole EDM Drilling

Linear Stroke Specifications

-X Axis: 15.75”
-Y Axis: 11.80”
-Z Axis: 15.75”
-A Axis: 360º (Rotary)
-B Axis: +/-155º (Tilt)
-W Axis: 10” (Wire Guide Positioning)
-EDM Stroke: 15.75

Machine Specifications

-Req’d Floor Space: 5’×7’
-Max Work Envelope: 10”Ø×10”
-Max Part Weight: 25lbs

10µ (+/-.0004”) Accuracy
5 µ (+/-.0002”) Repeatability
+/-25 arc Seconds Accuracy
25 arc Seconds Repeatability

Standard Key Features

-3D Shaped Hole Machining
-Quick Change Guide & Electrode
-24” Electrode Length Capability
-Hole Size .25-10mmØ
-Process Finger Printing
-Fast Break Through
-Pre-Break Through Detection
-Break Through Detection

Customization Options

-36” Electrode Length Capability
-Auto Part Load and Unload
-Automatic Electrode and Guide Changing
-Deionized Recirculating Dielectric Plant

Class Leading EDM Performance

TEK5-USA’s Tech-Pulse EDM technology is specifically designed for rapid EDM hole drilling in aerospace parts. Flexible parameter process programming, and adaptive software combine to give outstanding performance.

Advanced Shaped Hole Capability

TEK5-USA’s shaped hole technology combines accuracy and flexibility with process speed. New shaped holes can be programmed simply by either a CAD/CAM route or by using an in machine Macro. The typical burn time is approx. 1.5 minutes per hole as shown above.

Automatic Break Through Detection

Programmable Break Through detection system is used to prevent electrode overrun, especially when breaking into small cavities. Break through detection compensates for casting variations and improves quality.

Process Finger Printing

Each drilled hole application has a distinct process finger print, this is the sum of all the process variables. By graphing this process, improvements become immediately clear. By comparing current performance to previous performance, process stability can be ensured.

Dielectric System

The dielectric system is housed in a stainless steel tank unit located under and to the rear of the machine. The system is a two tank system, with a clean and a dirty tank. A pump continually pumps fluid from the dirty tank through a high capacity filter (used on EDM wire cut machines), when the clean tank is full it can weir over back into the dirty tank. The system has the capability to pass the fluid through an ion exchange resin bed canister to deionize the water; this is controlled by a valve system which is also controlled by a resistivity sensor so that a controlled value of resistivity can be maintained.

System on our FHD-5 Model

High Pressure Pump

5gS FHD EDM XLL Dielectric System

5gS FHD EDM XLL Dielectric System


This wireguide extension is designed to introduce the wireguide to difficult positions on a part needing 3D holes drilled with EDM. This ability also helps with access to more holes in a part in one fixturing. Built within this assembly is a mechanical breakaway and return mechanism that protects the machine, part and guide from damage in the event of a crash. When contact is made between the machine or part and the guide area, a mechanical micro switch will sense movement of the crash protection arm and shut down the drives and EDM as well. After recovery, all positioning is reconfirmed functionally correct and production can resume.