Industries Served

TEK5-USA proudly serves numerous customers over a wide variety of industries. Given the flexibility and versatility in design of the EDM Drilling equipment we produce, we are able to easily customize machines to fit your company’s individual needs. This customization allows for the practical application of our technology across a wide variety of industries.

Process Capability:

- Any drilled hole sized at .015″-.130″ [0.38mm, 3.3mm] diameter in conventional metals, stainless steel & super alloys, depths to 8” , burr free

- 3D holes and cavities

- Wire EDM start holes


Industrial Generators

- Land-based power generators


- Metering holes in injector plates

- Combustor Cans

- Cooling holes in turbine blades and vanes


- Fuel injector holes

- Machine tool

- Cutter tool coolant holes

Misc Applications

- Plastic mold vent holes

- Hardened punch ejector holes